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ken rockwell on photography and being crazy

I have been spending a lot of time reading and thinking about photography, the goal being to get a little bit better from one week to the next. Ken Rockwell is one of my favorite online authors I’ve come across, the time he spends reviewing equipment, gear and the latest do-hickey I find useful before I go off and buy something myself.

I’m starting to see though it’s not so much about the gear and do-hickeys as much as it is about being patient, paying attention to your surroundings and slowing down. Sometimes the most mundane subject can make for a really interesting photo. I’m often surprised by which photos I like after I’ve downloaded them from the camera. I try not to delete anything while shooting because on several occasions the shot I planned on deleting ends up being one of my favorites.

Anyhow, I was reading Ken Rockwell today who had this to say about photography and what he does to capture great color in his photographs. I thought he summed it up nicely.

Glorious light only happens for 60 seconds or less any particular day, if it happens at all. If it happens at all, it usually happens sometime in a window 15 minutes before or after sunrise or sunset. See actual examples at The Importance of Timing.

Glorious light doesn’t happen in the day. It happens at sunrise and sunset. We call this “magic hour” in Hollywood.

Most people sleep through sunrise. They lose half their potential shots. I have to get up at 3 AM, get out at 3:30 AM, get to the location at 4:30 AM, set up by 5 AM and wait for a 6 AM calculated sunrise. I’m crazy. Are you?



Yes. Little bit. : )

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